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Dustless Sanding

Wood floor refinishing is one of the services that will make your floors look great again. One of the critical processes in refinishing the floors is sanding, which is known to produce a lot of dust. While hardwood floors are known to be durable, there are instances when there will lose their glory and appear to be dull. Replacing the floor may be a good decision, but you will have to go through the same cycle over a couple of years. Floor replacement is an expensive affair and this why we recommend refinishing the floor. Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing Syracuse NY is the best option as there will be very little cleaning to do after the process.

When your wood floor is dull and worn out, we will rejuvenate it, to eliminate all scratches and uneven spots. However, most people are wary of the sanding process due to the amount of dust that is produced. With this modern technology, over 99% of the dust will be contained. This reduces the amount of work to be done as well as the cleaning. We have established that this is an effective method and it does not affect the indoor air quality. Talk to us and we will always be ready to restore your floors.

Dustless Sanding Process

Our contractors are fully trained and understand every aspect of hardwood floor repair. We are always up to date with the latest techniques in the industry as our commitment is to provide exceptional service. If you come across a contractor who wants to use the traditional sanding method, you should avoid them at all costs. This can be quite unhealthy and ends up creating a lot of mess. With the dustless sanding process, we are able to see the surface that we are working on and at the end of it, the results are remarkable. We have modern equipment which will take care of the dust.

If you want to have your floor looking great once again we highly recommend dustless floor refinishing. This is not only an effective method, but it is also safe for your health. We can refinish your floors while you are still in your home and we will work with total accuracy. This saves you time and money, and you are assured of the best results at all times. We always stand behind our work and as such, you are assured of exceptional services. We will make the most of our skills and experience and give you the service that you deserve.

dustless hardwood floor refinishing syracuse ny

Dustless Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are valuable and as such, they need to be protected in the best way possible. Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing Syracuse NY is comprehensive and will make your wood floors look new. We have mastered the best techniques to use and since each floor is unique, we will provide custom services in refinishing your floor. Contact us to learn more about our dustless sanding method, which is a crucial part of the floor restoration service.